Lazy Day


Today will be a day off. About two or three times a year, we are required to work on Saturday. When this happens we get to take a furikaekyuujitsu or alternate day off. My plan is to sleep in late and relax.

If that gets boring I’ll do some tidying up around the house and go shopping for a USB hard drive to help with some of my computer recovery work.

Thursday was also a bit of a lazy day. My schedule shows me teaching all four seventh grade classes, but when I arrived in the first class the reaction was a bit surprising. The students did seem happy to see me, but they very vocally told me they were going to have home room and not international English class. I wandered back to the office and started investigating what was up.

All of my 7th grade classes were cancelled, they are reviewing what they learned on their three day trip to Soni Kougen. On the next two Thursdays I will be in Seattle on vacation, so it looks like the first classes with seventh grade will be more than a month into the term.

Saturday’s schedule also got switched around, but I discovered it today and picked up an 8th grade class today which had been cancelled. Certainly, in this job: the only certainty is change.


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