Fulfilling Promises


Had our monthly meeting for the Hisai Chapter of the All-Japan Photographic Federation (全日本写真連盟 久居支部). At the end of each meeting we have an informal photo contest. Each participant throws down a small stack of photos to be considered. Our teacher provides extensive commentary on what points make our photos good or bad for contests. He picks one or two photos from each person and then lines them up in order. We keep track of points each year as well.

Last year I only submitted photos one time. I took photos every so often, but focused more on my shuji and had some printing problems. I was starting to draw some comments about my participation, so I made a promise to submit pictures every month. Today was the first monthly meeting of the year and I put down some photos from Hiroshima: the castle, the main castle gate, and the A-Bomb Dome.

My shots were very pretty, but not really contest worthy. Typically “pretty” and “arty” are different. Good enough for a calendar, doesn’t win contests. I think I was about 12th place in the end for an 8 second exposure of the A-Bomb Dome at night, from across the river. Once I get my computer virus issues fixed, I’ll upload some images.

Currently, my goal is to place 10th or higher; earning 1 point. If I can do that then I will shoot a little higher.


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