Dropped by an izakaya called Zipang, which is an old way to say Japan. I thought the origin was Portuguese, but the modern way to say Japan is Japao (with a tilde that I am too lazy to put in), so I imagine it has other roots.

Twice a month an English class is held there. It is advertised as ‘Nominagara Eikaiwa’ (飲みながら英会話), or ‘English conversation while drinking’. The teacher gets a nominal paycheck, but usually receives free food and drinks. I stopped in for the tail-end because I am being considered as a substitute teacher for this class in the future. Never hurts to put my face out there.

Participants tend to be elegant young ladies with energy to study and willingness to try, so I hope I can teach a bit there. A Frenchman from Brittany is also a regular student. Some Peruvians seem to drop by, but not take part. I think I will have to start studying Spanish to communicate more with the Bolivians and Peruvians around here.


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