Testing Splits with More Tag


This is the first part of my test post. This part is intended to be clearly visible to everyone from the beginning. The later portion will hopefully be obscured by a More Tag that is intended to split the entry.

If this works well, I hope to post entries in Japanese intended for those who are interested in studying. The second (hidden) part will contain answers and descriptive information. This way the user can reveal it whenever they want.

This is the second part of my test post. This part is intended to be obscured from view initially, only to be revealed when the reader desires to see the second half of the post.

This is just a paragraph containing writing to pad the entry a bit. Sometimes it is difficult to think of something to enter for padding; however, today I am having little trouble. Perhaps my regular readers will be thinking, “But all of his writing seems like padding…”


2 Responses to “Testing Splits with More Tag”

  1. Keven Says:

    Not all of your writing seems like padding. Just most of it! 😉 Seems to work though you end up going to a separate page. Not ideal, but certainly workable. Perhaps you can add a horizontal line or something to clearly indicate where the old text ends and the new text begins?

  2. びっくり Says:

    I could insert a rule to avoid necessity of clicking through; however, people with active eyes will have trouble avoiding a look at the answers. I’ll have to think about the trade-offs.

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