Big Drum


Some of you have already heard directly about my new washing machine, but almost nobody has seen it. It is the Big Drum from Hitachi in “garnet” color, the model in the middle on the website.

I think it may be the most expensive model currently available in Japan, coming in at approximately twice the price of my car. One main benefit of this machine is that it will wash and then dry a load of clothes. There are other models, significantly cheaper than this, which also wash and dry. I considered some of those models but they take up more space from back to front and I already have to dance around this machine to get to the bath. Also, this machine is supposed to leave the clothes more wrinkle-free and do it more efficiently.

Some people suggested that it was wasteful to drop this much money on a machine, but I figure two years of laundromat fees would exceed this amount. I could have bought an inexpensive machine that only washes, but then my laundry times would be restricted to early morning and only when there is good weather. I think the convenience of this machine makes it worthwhile.

…And, hey, it just looks cool.


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