Land of Magic


Say you head out with a group of friends to have a party. Perhaps the party is to welcome new members of the staff and send off the teachers who have been transferred away. Pretend like the beloved principal and vice principal have been assigned as principals in other schools.

You can imagine that such a situation includes – along with much tasty food – a bit of toasting and drinking. After such a party, several members might leave the restaurant and hit a bar for some drinks and karaoke. When the party after the party is wrapped up, someone who depends on the train for a sober ride home might be in a bit of a panic, realizing that the last train ran through about 30 minutes earlier.

Strangely, as we departed the bar, we were met by two men (who hadn’t been drinking) in two minivans. Everyone piled in and got safe rides home. The drivers were teachers from a nearby school, but their school would have thrown a party the same night. My guess is that they were designated drivers for their school’s party also and were summoned for double duty. However, I don’t recall any of our teachers serving in such a manner. Is our school that powerful or important?

I prefer to think that Japan is a magical country where your dreams and provided for at the drop of a hat. It it is possible that our former star hurdler, turned PE teacher is well connected, but – again I tell you- Japan is just a magical country.

Tomorrow I will go to a hanami (花見) party, where there will surely be drinking of Japanese sake under the cherry blossoms. Conveniently I will walk to the station, catch a short train ride, and be met by sober drivers. It’s MAGIC, I tell you!


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