No this isn’t a post about new kinds of Pokemon or Digimon. It is about one of the many electronic tools (toys) I have purchased recently. It is the Sony Pocket Bit Mini in the handy 2GB size. Because I was required to use about a dozen different computers for my job I was keeping all of my files on a 256MB USB drive about half the size of a lighter.

Occasionally I ran out of space on this device, although it otherwise proved to be incredibly convenient. One of the computers I use for work has an external floppy drive, which makes me laugh. The USB drives are inexpensive and they are faster, more durable, more universally usable, and hundreds of times the size of floppy disks.

Because I was completing my assignment and these devices are so inexpensive I was considering leaving mine behind for the next teacher with all my files on it. To this end I picked up the Pocket Bit as seen in the photo. Pocket Bit Mini(My apologies for the poor focus.) I put it down with some US change for size reference. It is sitting on top of a 50 cent piece and is about the same size as two dimes. The old unit and my cell phone mini SD card(not micro SD) are at the top of the photo by the Japanese coins. I don’t know if this is high-tech Japanese stuff, or if it is already on sale in the US, but I thought it was cute and bought the highest capacity that was available. (The larger, and less cute, models went as high as 4GB; however, as I said, the cuteness was the important factor.)

An aside: several Japanese people have laughed at our dimes because they are so much smaller than nickels. Yet, as I was laying out the coins, I was noticing that the 50 yen coin is smaller than the 5 and 10 yen coins, and the 100 yen coin is smaller than the 10 yen coin.

Another aside: I kept both USB drives because even though I gave six months notice at work, they have been unable to find a new teacher and I thought it silly to leave the drive behind for nobody. There is another twist in the teaching situation – see tomorrow’s post.


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