Back to the Womb


This afternoon the cable guys came and crawled around above the ceiling for awhile. I now have a high-speed cable modem, an IP phone, and ten times as many channels of mundane shows as I could watch at my apartment. I promised I would post right away once I had internet connectivity, but if you recognize my timestamp code, you’ll know I am pre-dating this entry. I emailed a few of you right away and called mom on the phone to test it out, but have otherwise been rather lazy this week.

I also promised photos. After I finish this post I will throw a couple up with photos that I just uploaded to Flickr.

The cable TV will actually be pretty useful since I could only get channel 25 with the antennae. There are a number of channels on which I can watch shows in English as well. Some of the shows (Melrose Place, Lost, etc.,) would quickly turn my brain to pulp if I watched them, but others are interesting (12 Angry Men, Top Cat, …) and some can be used for certain classes.

Some of my ‘laziness’ time was spent studying the features of the controller for the cable tuner. It is programmed to control my TV as well – eliminating the need for one remote – which is nice. I still need two DVD players to handle region code problems, since half of my disks are from America and half are from Japan. One nice find is that the tuner apparently acts as a digital recorder, so I won’t have to stay up late or skip work to see good shows.

While the cable guys were here I got a few phone calls from my (allegedly) former employers. More on that in posts to follow.


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