Too Much Time Off


A tremendous benefit of the Assistant Language Teacher Positions is the vast amount of leave: annual leave, summer leave, sick leave, disability leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, special leave, etc.

I have been careful with my vacation because I didn’t want to come up short at the end. Last night I was reviewing numbers and found that I still have 8 days and 1 hour of vacation remaining. I teach class on Monday and there is a government holiday on Wednesday. This means I am barely able to use my vacation before my contract ends.

Today I will leave work at 1:15 (just 15 minutes away). On the 30th I will work from 10am to Noon to wrap up loose ends and say good-bye. Other than that I am free. Most of the time will be spent getting situated in my new house (including setting up cable modem). If I have some spare time I might take a little trip. (By car to Owase? 2 hours by plane to Seoul?)

The downside is: depending on when I get cable modem hooked up, I won’t be posting much on the blog. As promised, once my umbilical is attached I will make up for any days without posts. (BTW, last night I was eyeballing the Sharp Aquos Hi-Vision Recorder with the hope of showing you video clips here as well. Its a little expensive, but you are worth it.)

3 Responses to “Too Much Time Off”

  1. sunkissd1 Says:

    Let us know when to start popping the corn… 🙂

  2. Keven Says:

    I look forward to the videos!!

  3. びっくり Says:

    Hmm… video might be out of the picture for awhile. Cable hook up fees will run me 70,000 yen (specially discounted) and I dropped a fortune on air conditioners, a washing machine, and a fridge. The washing machine cost almost twice what my car did, but they threw the fridge in for free. I can promise photos in a week or so, but will have to update you later on the video possibilities.

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