So What?


Had my final classes with 7th grade A through D classes today. The behavior of several students during the year was troublesome and I wanted to try laying some ground work for next year’s teacher; so I explained to them that it was my last class, encouraged them a bit, and challenged them to do their best next year.

Most of the kids just kind of stared at me, but several asked a bunch of questions. After class a few gave me compliments and encouragement on my future endeavors. In the E class on Wednesday, all but two students gave me the “so what?” stare: you can’t be everyone’s friend, I guess.


One Response to “So What?”

  1. sunkissd1 Says:

    Don’t take it personally. Remember they are socially retarded at that age. Squid gives me that look daily, if not, it’s in the tone or the silent roll of the eyes (and yes, I CAN hear it over the phone). In person she does a lot of looking at something else while I’m talking to her, even if I’m delivering good news. It’s them, not you. 🙂

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