Secret Cupid


Snuck into the office early in the morning, but couldn’t remember the secret key stash location. (Or has it been moved for security reasons…?) Had to wait in the hall until two managers showed up at 8:15 to open the door. (New secret key location noted, but not needed since I’m almost through with this job.) Planted chocolates for the three ladies in the office and told the managers that they “had not seen me this morning.” Ran out the door to the school.

Didn’t head to the office in the afternoon like normal; instead worked at my desk in the school office. Friday, having no classes, I headed into the office. As soon as the women arrived they thanked me. Apparently one of the managers kept a secret for about 10 seconds: just long enough to pretend like the chocolates were from him. I can’t be angry with him since the chocolates were from Hokkaido and I had just returned from a trip there.

Why give chocolates on March 14th? It’s White Day, of course! I follow the Western tradition of giving chocolates on Feb 14, but if I didn’t give chocolates again on White Day, the women who gave to me might not be happy.


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