Fire Emblem


A few times now, I have caught the Nintendo ad for the latest Fire Emblem game. Fire Emblem is a series of fantasy adventure games on Nintendo machines. I played one to completion on the Gameboy Advance and it was fun, although not so deep. The games take a fairly serious investment of time to complete.

Most of the commercial is a young woman sitting on her living room floor in very Japanese style. She is staring transfixed at the screen, her face nearly expressionless. Occasionally there are cuts to short action sequences on her TV screen, which help the director express the tremendous amount of time passing as she sits without moving or changing her face. I think the look on her face is supposed to be one of anticipation.

I haven’t quite got the ending figured out, but I think it is a screen shot of her character dieing just short of finishing. Her expression changes only subtly, to one of disbelief. Theoretically she has to start over at this point (although, most games allow the player to return to the last point where they saved the game.)

Certainly Nintendo hopes to convince us that the game is fascinating and we’ll get our money’s worth if we buy it. Many parents, already concerned about game-playing hours, may find the thought of their child becoming a zombie frightening (or not). Definite kudos for putting a girl in the role of game player, since these adventure games are probably most popular with young boys.


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