Price of Fame


A few months ago my blog was averaging about one hit per day; which I sometimes found somewhat depressing, since I was hoping that around ten family and friends were reading. Because I do indeed write the blog for myself as well, I kept at it. Suddenly the hit rate has been climbing up and I had one day with more than 130 hits.

More exciting than the hit rate was when someone (named Oliver) found my site and asked a specific question about Rakkan. I was pleased that someone out on the net needed some of the information I had presented.

Since the hit rate has gone up, I have to think a little more about privacy and security. As a result I will not be posting my new address on the blog. Any of you who know me may email me to request the address. I will get the keys on the 20th and have to be completely moved by the end of the month. Japan Post is very good about forwarding and I am becoming more and more recognizable by the day, so you can probably get away with using my current address for awhile anyhow.

I hope to get a phone, high-speed internet, and cable TV set up shortly after moving as well, so there will be more ways for me to get in touch.


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