Healthy Drink: Oronamin C


Many “healthy” drinks exist in Japan. Most of them contain an array of sugar, salt, vitamins, miscellaneous “healthy” additives, and (of course) sugar. I was formerly under the mistaken impression that nicotine was also being added in, but found that Nicotinic Acid was another name for Niacin.

I stumbled across another blog with connections to Japan. The post was about a commercial for Oronamin C, a drink I have seen many times but was always afraid to drink. For the sake of research, I: bought one; drank it; translated the label; and am posting info here.

  • 糖類(砂糖、ぶどう糖果糖液糖) – Sucrose, Glucose/Fructose Syrup
  • ハチミツ – Honey
  • 食塩 – Salt(NaCl)
  • 香料 – Flavoring(Scent?)
  • V.C – Vitamin C
  • クエン酸 – Citric Acid
  • カフェイン – Caffeine
  • ナイアシンアミド – Niacin Amide
  • V.B6 – Vitamin B6
  • V.B12 – Vitamin B12
  • 溶性ビタミンP – bioflavonoids
  • イソロイシン – isoleucine
  • トレオニン – threonine
  • フェニルアラニン – phenylalanine
  • グルタミン酸Na – MSG

Overall, not as bad as I might have initially thought. One 120ml bottle contains:

  • 79 Calories
  • 0g fat and protein
  • 19g carbs
  • 1-3mg Sodium
  • 2.4mg Vitamin B2
  • 6mg Vitamin B6
  • 12mg Niacin
  • 220mg Vitamin C

In the interest of safety, the following warnings appear on the label:

  • Please don’t cut your fingers on the cap while opening.
  • The bottle is breakable. Please don’t heat or freeze.
  • Because it can foam over, please don’t shake the bottle.
  • Contents may separate or settle, but it will not cause a quality problem.

There was nothing particularly special about this drink and I won’t bother buying it again; however, I don’t imagine it is terribly unhealthy. One enticing factor is that it is produced by Otsuka Pharmaceuticals: the makers of fine products like Calorie Mate and Pocari Sweat.

3 Responses to “Healthy Drink: Oronamin C”

  1. simaldeff Says:

    I checked online, it seems the only “suspicious” thing is the bioflavonoids … as they do have inoxidant functions, but of no interest to the human physiology. IOW they don’t work on us. So, apart from Honey and Vitamins, verything else is for the sake of taste.
    Do you want more of those commercial ? … aya ueto is way too cute to not want some more.

  2. びっくり Says:

    I hope to see more ads with Nagasawa Masami. Although she is only 19 and maybe not as cute as Aya; in her recent Fretz commercials she shows tremendous acting talent. One commercial takes place at an electronics store with announcements coming over the intercom. The other is at a Hanami party with people making celebratory noises around her.

    In both commercials she is declaring her feelings for Fretz internet services. She raises her voice louder and louder as the background noise increases, until finally she is practically yelling out her last line, “Dai Suki Desu!” To her great embarrassment the background noise happens to cease as she yells this out. She sells the sheepish embarrassment without overacting: very amusing.

  3. Samuel Says:

    Since i feeling tried and extreme heatwaves so Today i brought Oronamin C from store ,i took three chip and stop, search in website came across your excellent suggestion , appreciate it .
    Now promise not buy again.

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