All (Good) Things Must End


Pre-dated this post, but theoretically I am all finished teaching 9th grade and elementary schools. Also, the remaining three 8th grade days will be spent doing one-on-one interviews to evaluate their responses to standard phrases. Very soon the classes will be done. This is a relief for some of the classes, but at two of the elementary schools I got a little choked up saying goodbye to the kids.

Friday was a little bizarre. The fifth to the last rehearsal (yes, we take ceremonies seriously) for the graduation ceremony was held from 3rd period on, so I was told to create another version of my exciting ‘Jeapordy’ game for just the first two periods. The previous week, we had confirmed things with the master schedule keeper. Wednesday afternoon, as usual, I headed to the Board of Ed. after 2nd period. Thursday the 7th graders were taking tests, so I spent the entire day on prep and study at the Board of Ed. again. I didn’t make time to print out and cut apart the questions, so I had to go into school early on Friday to make that happen.

Technically, my work starts at 8:30 and classes start at 8:50 (but sometimes, capriciously at 8:40). Always I expect someone will have something they feel is critical to talk about just before class, so if I have any significant prep work, I have to come early. Coming a little early; however, is out of the question. There is usually a teacher conference from 8:00 to 8:20 or 8:30. I have mentioned this cacophonous event a few times before. Concentrating on anything at this time is impossible, entering in the middle requires walking down the center of the room (horribly rude), and I must send documents to the printer behind the principal’s and vice-principal’s desks. So, really if I have a small amount of printing and copying, it requires me to come in 45 minutes early.

After printing and copying materials for class. I asked the 9th grade teacher which two classes I would be teaching, because I wanted to know if I was teaching students who played the week before and could skip the game rules. Suddenly it dawned on him that the between Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon, the schedule had changed and nobody notified me – out of sight, out of mind – because I was working at the Board of Ed.

My Thursday prep time was wasted, a half dozen unneeded printouts and copies had been made, and I hadn’t needed to get going so early. He apologized strongly, but I took it right in stride; this was a lot easier than my dealings with the Force of Chaos and, after all, it meant my Friday got a little easier. I hopped in my car and drove to the Board of Ed.


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