Asian Wisdom


Many people who latch onto Asian philosophies are very liberal-minded. With the primary goal of challenging conventions I offer up this little tidbit.

While studying my inspirational material for this month’s shuji works, I came across the verb osoreru (恐れる), meaning ‘fear’. One of my future ideas is making clothing with slogans on them, so I branched off on looking for the Japanese equivalent of “No Fear”. Down that rabbit trail I came upon related words like ‘reckless’, ‘rash’,  and ‘foolhardy’. One word that contains all of those meanings is muteppou/na (無鉄砲な).

Why did I find it amusing? The characters literally translate as ‘No Gun’. So apparently in old Asian thinking it is reckless not to have a gun; which is contrary to the typical liberal agenda. So, for anyone that wants to achieve the enlightenment (悟り) of nothingness (無) through Buddhist (仏教) zazen (座禅) meditation, just remember to strap your Glock into your shoulder holster before you head out to the temple rock garden (石庭).

Wouldn’t want to be reckless now.


2 Responses to “Asian Wisdom”

  1. Keven Says:

    “No gun” is certainly being rash!! I always feel enlightened when I have one!

  2. Sunday Soundcheck 58 « Neo-新びっくりブログ Says:

    […] Most of the Japanese words starting with mu are words beginning with the kanji character 無, which means without. I struggled a bit to find words that didn’t start that because they are usually words like ’sugar-free’, ‘non-caffeinated’, and such. Although there are some amusing ones: I wrote about one a couple years ago. […]

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