Quelle Demage (sic)


First a little pat on my own back, then a big one. I apologized in advance for my lack of posts through the end of March, but this is my 22nd post for February, which has only 28 days: not bad for being too busy to post and not having ready access to usable internet.

Second, I was looking at blog stats today. Since I invest a lot of time in writing I sometimes get discouraged when I think nobody is reading – although I do some of the writing for my own reasons – it is interesting to see what kind of hits I get. Particularly, I find the search engine stats amusing. I can see why people find me, but also I get a look at the way people think or connect information. Here are a few search parameters recently used to discover my blog:

  • Candy Girl Costume Entertain
  • Come Across The Tremendous Strength
  • Those who don’t study history are doomed

I was somewhat pleased to find that none of these turned up my blog in the first several pages of search results; particularly the first one, which pulled up a list of pretty suspect sites. Interestingly enough, sites including ‘study’ and ‘doomed’ often seem to have Japanese language as their focus. Two other searches caught my attention:

  • “almost as if”
  • Quelle Demage

“Almost as if” made page one (at the very bottom) with an entry about calligraphy brushes seeming to be alive and having a mind of their own. This was pleasing, knowing that a fairly common phrase was associated with my post. Quelle Demage surprised me when I found that my entry about the many Japanese verbs which all translate as ‘wear’ in English came up as the top entry. Ironically, quelle demage has no direct connection to the content of the post and appears in a comment, but I was pleased as punch to be number one.

Since it appears high on a search list I am assuming people are linking to it. It is after all quite useful for people wanting to learn proper use of the language. (ちょっと自慢だけと)


5 Responses to “Quelle Demage (sic)”

  1. Keven Says:

    I get a lot of hits for Costa Rica. I need to do another trip so I can get more hits!! 🙂

  2. びっくり Says:

    Nothing says, “hits” like Tsu!!! Please, come, enjoy! 😉 Actually, from here we can hit many historical and entertaining places. If you come in late march you may have to help move though.

  3. びっくり Says:

    OK, after last night’s conversations I feel pretty foolish. “Quel Dommage” is the correct phrase in French. Granted, it has been 25 years since I studied French. The interesting thing was that someone typed in the improperly spelled phrase to find my entry.

  4. Why Are They Looking For Me? « Neo-新びっくりブログ Says:

    […] Are They Looking For Me? I’m getting paranoid. When I read the report on what search parameters people used to stumble upon my site it sometimes freaks me […]

  5. www.yapeople.com Says:

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