Hot Date


Woke up this morning with an achy back, cramping intestines, and feeling groggy. I wanted another two or three hours to rest, but had to go teach the young’ns. After we had school closure for flu, I am a little nervous. I certainly don’t want to get ill right now because I am so busy, but being busy is the thing that is wearing me down enough to be at risk: oh the irony of it all.

Anyhow I have a date-like meeting tonight; I hope it doesn’t turn into a hot date (i.e., coming down with a fever.) My acquaintence’s name is quite interesting: Ryouko. This name is not so uncommon, but it can be written using different kanji for ‘ryou’. Common writings are: 涼子、良子、亮子. However, her name is written: 了子

This name could be translated as ‘complete child’ or ‘totally cute’ – somewhat liberal translations. I hope she doesn’t turn out to be a complete child. I think the name is interesting because the character strokes are almost the same and it is not so common. I think the person is interesting for other reasons. Anyhow, we’ll be meeting in Matsusaka for dinner.

She seems a very tolerant person. I actually met her at a festival in the countryside last summer and was supposed to hook up with her. I got swamped and neglected to contact her for a long time, then I promised to hook up, but got swamped again and didn’t make any plan. The fact that she is still willing to meet might mean she’s flexible enough to handle an odd fellow like me (or that she just wants a free English lesson.) We’ll see.


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