Trains are convenientish. I don’t have to drive the train, nor do I have to park it, which makes the train convenient; however, the train leaves on a schedule, comes seldom to my stop, requires a connection at a station farther removed from my destination, and so on, which makes the train less-than-convenient. Hence my new word ‘convenientish’.

Several years ago I went through a phase where I enjoyed tacking -ish onto the end of words that Webster had neglected to consider. Of course, this is not ‘proper’ English, but it sure can be fun to throw in an extra nuance. Perhaps another time I will make a post about the many ways in Japanese to create the equivalence of ‘-ish’, ‘-like’, ‘-y’ type endings; however, today I will merely bore you with details of my life.

For three years I have gotten around predominantly by train, by bike, and on foot. While this can be very good for the planet, and perhaps my body, there have also been many occasions where I had to rely on the willingness of others to go out of their way for me. To change this, I went through the half year process of converting my driver’s license to a Japanese license. This license allows me to drive cars and two-wheeled vehicles with engines 50cc or smaller. The process for a real motorcycle license could take another year.

So, to get around I figured I would get an inexpensive car for rainy days, distant places, and trips with friends or baggage; and a 50cc bike for good weather and nearby locations. This should be much better than showing up sweaty for meetings because I rode my bicycle.

Planning my new business, moving, and doing my current job, while continuing my studies and society events have put me under a little time pressure. Buying a vehicle would help a lot with this, because I could head directly to my destinations on my schedule. Shopping for cars takes time and requires a mode of transport since the car shops are usually far removed from the stations. So I need to find time and buy a mode of transport in order to have more time and buy a mode of transport. Craziness.

Today I will attempt to pick myself up by my bootstraps. Actually, my realtor will be lifting a bit also. He will be in my area this afternoon and we are supposed to meet to go over documents today, so he plans to pick me up and take me to some shops on the way to the office. My original thinking was to go by bicycle to buy a 50cc motorcycle, then to go by motorcycle to buy a car. Until April I will probably be insanely busy, so I think getting a car now and waiting to get the small, efficient, easy to park motorcycle might be the better plan.


One Response to “Bootstrap”

  1. Keven Says:

    “…the car shops are usually far removed from the stations.” That is no coincidence! It’s the same here in America I’ve realized!

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