Ryan’s Club


Spelling in English can be a royal pain. Personally, I enjoy it a lot because peculiarities in spelling tell a story about where a word came from; English having a varied mix of words from Latin, Greek, German, Old French, Norse, and so on. Japanese contains fewer sounds than English, so additional difficulties are added in for people here studying English.

About two years back, I was at a rather formal event. Everyone received a program which included a list of guests. Included on the list were people’s affiliation to the host. Many members of photographic societies were present, but a lot of names also had the letters RC in the affiliation area. We had some conversation about it and many folks were sure it was Lion’s Club; regardless of the fact that I was there to tell them, “Lion starts with L.”

This story came to mind because of my upcoming speech to the Rotary Club, which was the actual meaning of RC.

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