Down and Out


Today I found out that the 9th grade classes would also be cancelled tomorrow, which means all the students will be at home. In Japan we have the kumi (組) system where each grade is divided into classes. We have special words for school cancellations related to this.

  • Gakkyuu Heisa 学級閉鎖 – class closure
  • Gakunen Heisa 学年閉鎖 – grade closure
  • Gakkou Heisa 学校閉鎖 – school closure

Yesterday we had gakunen heisa when we sent the 7th and 8th grade home. Today we started gakkou heisa with the 9th grade being added in. Apparently this language is jargon used by educators, as all my normal friends keep using gakkyuu heisa when I talk to them.

I will rest tonight and dream about not getting sick.


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