Another General Update


Took the level 7 kanji test. I expect that I passed (requiring only 70 percent), but either way I will study this level a lot more before moving on to the level 6 preparations. I don’t want the certificate to hang on the wall; I want the knowledge in my head. Results should be back around mid-March.

Skipped calligraphy class last week because I was exhausted. This is no way to reach the next level, but neither is collapsing and going to the hospital. Hopefully, things will settle down in April after I have stopped my current job, found a new place to live, etc. I did study my calligraphy models and practice mentally, which is good, but the brush still needs to spend time on the page. Tomorrow I will go for sure; I’m a little tired, but I will put off other chores and get rest.

Sea of Japan trip went well, but I slept a lot on the bus because I was so tired. I think I was scolded for that by a senior member after the trip ended. It seems that there is an expectation that I show up for events and spend ‘face-time’ with all of the members. This would seem a little unfair – I am a dues paying member – but I must also remember how many times they treat me to very expensive evenings out. Before the next trip I will rest up more.

One member mentioned that he was willing to sell me his old 50cc bike for about $200; much better than my plan to pick up a new bike at $2000, since I would sell it after getting my big bike license and buying a 6 or 750. Unfortunately the boss (his wife) uses it to get around the neighborhood, and she nixed the deal. Still no motorized wheels for me.

Poor access to internet activity is a bad thing. My $830 round trip to America jumped up to $1400 in between my chances to get online. Hmm… should I still make the trip or wait until December and pick up cheap tickets?

Tonight I will see what the realtor has found for me. Hopefully something better that can be signed before the end of the month. I keep trying to find the perfect place which is frustrating him and burning up my available time. I may have to jump to a higher price range to get what I am hoping for.

Sorry again for my limited postings. After moving and getting my internet umbilical, I will make it up to you by posting more than once a day. I don’t know if that amounts to a promise or a threat: you decide. I have many silly things to post as catch up. Also, I might start writing a Japanese post everyday, which most readers probably won’t be able to read. It will serve a few purposes: practice for me;  a chance to attract readers here as well; and a chance, for those of you who are interested, to study. I might also post some simple English posts for some Japanese friends who want to read a blog.

2 Responses to “Another General Update”

  1. Keven Says:

    One idea for the Japanese posts, which I think is a good idea, is to perhaps post the “answer” in a comment. So you can read the post, but if you can’t read the post, you can see what you said by reading a comment. OK. That’s rambling but right now I’m so busy at work that’s the best my poor brain can do…

  2. びっくり Says:

    good idea! I might use the excerpting features to hide the English portion unless the link at the bottom is clicked.

    Also, I was chastised in email for joking that I might wait to fly home. I will hunt for a cheaper ticket. One point in the email was that a slightly longer trip would bring a cheaper fare. Tomorrow I will investigate a little more.

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