General Update


I have a million ideas for things to write, but am too busy to flesh them out. Also, I have limited access to a connection that allows me to access the blog. As a result my posts will be scarce for the next week or two.

Friday the 9th I have the level 7 Kanji Test. I haven’t gotten much study time in, so if I pass it probably won’t be by a wide margin. By the end of the calendar year I would like to be at 90% or better through level 5 or 4.

Friday I have a consultation with the owner/manager of a building where I hope to teach many classes. Hopefully this meeting will go well.

Saturday I make another pass at this month’s shuji works. After skipping so many classes in November, December, and January, I need to make sure I go and make good effort. Reaching Jun Shodan won’t be a cakewalk.

Sunday and Monday I head to the mountains and the Sea of Japan for a photo shoot with the photographic society. The mountain town has many old homes called minka (民家) and the Sea of Japan has tasty crab. I expect we will have a good time. The horse-riding daughter of the Nose family had planned to join us, but she will be heading to Australia to shop for horses.

Sometime in between I hope to find a 50cc motorcycle to get around until I can get a larger motorcycle license. I have been researching driving schools and it looks like I will have to spend about $1000 on a class to avoid the foot-dragging bureacracy at the licensing center. I don’t have the patience to go there every two weeks for a year, so I think I will go to the driving school and be free to ride soon.

I gave notice at my apartment so I need to get a lease signed at my apartment soon. Hopefully I can arrange for a little overlap for moving/cleaning. My job ends at the end of March, but I am moving this month since I hope to have wheels and I want to get internet connectivity.

A Seattle trip looks likely for Golden Week. I may make reservations soon and give an update on my plans. Most likely late-April through early-May.

Managed to get contact information for another potential assistant teacher. To teach larger classes of energetic children I will need a native Japanse speaker who has reasonable skill with English and a love for children. Whenever I get acquainted with this kind of person I get hopeful that another realm will be opened to me.

I hope you are all well, and my apologies for this period of paucity.


2 Responses to “General Update”

  1. sunkissd1 Says:

    Apology accepted! I would like to offer my services to teach children how to eat Japanese food enthusiastically! My English is fairly good and I’m convinced I would demonstrate effectively. 🙂

  2. びっくり Says:

    I’m afraid you might fall short of native-level Japanese language skills. Also, your location might make it difficult for you to swing by to assist part-time. However, if you happen to be in the area I would be glad to put you into service while you are here.

    Eating of Japanese food by foreigners is a source of great amusement here. The average bento lunch contains at least one thing that a foreigner will refuse to eat and one to which they will have a strange reaction. Failing that, most people will be glad to show you ‘delicacies’, which I sometimes find suspect. Middle-aged men always seem to have a long list of delicacies that promise to make you ‘strong’.

    I am hoping to arrange for a T-Day party with authentic American foodstuffs. Let me know if you will be here in late-November. 🙂

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