Fishing For Study Time


Yesterday I took the Level 7 Kanji Test for the second time. I found myself short on study time and needed any bit I could find. Finishing my lesson plans quickly is always a good way to create a little time to hit the books.

Go Fish is a wonderful game for teaching “Do you have any…?”, “Yes, I do.”, “No, I don’t.”, and other commonly used phrases. I used this with elementary school kids who knew almost no English one time. At the beginning they complained that they didn’t understand. At the end I was asking them questions like “Do you have any video games?” while they were playing and they reflexively answered.

My Wednesday and Thursday 7th grade classes got to play Go Fish. A secondary benefit was nearly avoiding all of the recent Spring Fever related problems I’ve been having in their classes.


2 Responses to “Fishing For Study Time”

  1. びっくり Says:

    Oops, I wrote this entry in advance as if the events had already happened. However, the test is actually this Friday (Feb. 9) and I haven’t taken it yet.

  2. kevenker Says:

    Hahah! LOL! That’s funny. What would you do if you missed the test because you were late or some such? I would be a disaster!!

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