Headmaster’s Acquaintance


Some folks think I am smart, disciplined, etc., but I am convinced that, truly, I am merely blessed. Pieces fall into place too easily to believe anything other than, that I am loved by God.

Ureshino Tofu is a local producer of soy products of some renown, they appeared on NHK news again this week. Through the photographic federation I came into the acquaintance of the owner’s wife, who is monthly developing into one of our better photographers. Her eldest daughter is studying for her Master’s in some kind of agricultural sciences, but more important to today’s post is her hobby. She has become a coach for the English Riding Club at the most prestigious local university.

Sunday we had a plan to watch her ride in a prefectural jumping competition. ‘Unfortunately’ all of the school’s horses and most of the riders fell ill. As a result, I had a personal escort at the event who is well known and respected in the riding community. She introduced me to several people, one of whom found another chance at the end to speak with us further. I took this as a good sign, because he had expressed professional interest in me at our first meeting.

He turns out to be the headmaster at a six year, secondary school associated with the university. Apparently their teachers are given furnished quarters and a healthy salary. My interest is still in starting my own school, but it has become apparent that private schools sometimes extend part-time contracts as needed.

Fortunate acquaintances and alliances like this fall in my lap weekly (sometimes daily), requiring no particular intelligence on my part: truly blessings. Of course, some burden falls on me to recognize the situation, and handle it well.


One Response to “Headmaster’s Acquaintance”

  1. kevenker Says:

    But you recognize them as such. Part of luck is being open to opportunity.

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