Off The Meds


Last March and April I put on a few kilos. Because I was leaving the first school I worked at, each of the classes that loved me insisted on having going away parties (送別会); generally at nice restaurants with generous set courses. Because it was the start of a new school year, it was necessary to have an enkai (宴会), which is a feast to effect team-building. Most foreigners translate enkai as ‘drinking party’ since most Japanese business people equate drinking and team-building.

During the year I trimmed down a tad, but December’s year-end parties (忘年会) and Christmas parties were excessive. January also provided a few year beginning parties (新年会) and a birthday. My four-day ski trip was the only saving grace for my beltline. Upcoming events include translating for and entertaining some Germans and a ski trip to Hokkaido: hopefully those will cancel each other out.

One good friend sends me links to all sorts of health related information. Today’s topic was weight gain causes. Apparently Anti-psychotic drugs can create weight gain problems. Clearly I need to stop taking those… er, I mean…


2 Responses to “Off The Meds”

  1. Teela Says:

    Yah nice cover Erik!! I knew there was something you weren’t telling us. 😉

  2. びっくり Says:

    Hmm… if pain meds stop pain, and nausea meds stop nausea, what do anti-psychotic meds do?

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