I posted a lot of entries in advance, but a couple of them have failed to appear. I don’t know why this happens, but the post for the 18th I moved to the 24th since my license announcement also fell on that day. The post for the 20th, I gave another kick today and it appeared. You may want to go back and read it.

Had a lot of fun this weekend, but forgot to sleep much. Very tired now. I noticed when I get tired, I am shorter with the problem causers in the 7th and 8th grade classes. Fortunately today I stayed unflappable; although one group was very annoying, they weren’t playing the game and when I asked whose turn it was they just stared at me. I asked three times and then I just turned and walked away. You can lead a horse…


One Response to “Weirdness”

  1. sunkissd1 Says:

    Keep in mind you are dealing with 7th & 8th graders whose sole purpose in life is to be uncooperative and annoying. The early teen years are like the terrible two’s only the kids unfortunately can talk rather than just scream. That’s why a couple friends and I have joked over the years about getting a group rate at military school. Told one I thought there might be military preschool too. Ü

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