Wearing God


Apparently kami wo kiru (神を着る), literally ‘to wear God’, is used to mean asking for protection, support, or strength from God. The same sound also means ‘to cut hair’ (髪を切る) and so our local track coach convinces all his big stars to shave their heads in preparation for big events.

Thinking it would be fun, I grew my hair out for 5 months to make a chonmage (丁髷) – samurai topknot. Clearly, I had completely forgotten the afro-like nature of my hair, which is not very helmet or hat friendly. Also, the sides end out being in no-man’s land; long enough to look like they don’t belong, and too short to pull back.

Last week I used my registration for the level 7 kanji test as an excuse to cut my hair. We trimmed it down to 5mm (slightly less than an American number 2).

The sense of kami wo kiru reminds me of Ephesians 6:10-18, so I think it is pretty cool. Maybe I’ll take a look at my Japanese Bible and see how they translate that passage.


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