I Can Read


When I posted about Hard Type Toilet Paper, I included a translation of some web page content. After posting it, a thought hit me: I had read almost the entire bit! Two words, ‘Market Demand’ and ‘Increase’ required a peep in my electronic dictionary, a tool which is becoming less and less frequently used.

Realizing you can read is a very liberating feeling. As I prep for the level 7 kanji test, I expect that another level of literacy will become apparent. Of course, these moments of noticing how much I’ve learned are often followed by terribly humbling experiences pointing to my ignorance.

  • 需要 Juyou – demand, market (junior high and 4th grade level)
  • 増える Fueru – increase, multiply, grow, gain (5th grade level)

2 Responses to “I Can Read”

  1. Keven Says:

    Well that’s very cool that you can read so much! I need to start studying again so that I can read 1/10th as good as you! 🙂

  2. びっくり Says:

    Please have at it! If you need study materials, let me know. Third and Fourth grade are the hardest, mostly because they have 200 characters each. Also, there is a step up in complexity of the characters. Fifth and Sixth grade have more complex characters still, but the step up is smaller and by that time you know 640 characters. With that many characters under your belt, you can quickly recognize the parts (radicals) that characters are made from which speeds things up.

    I strongly recommend studying the radicals early, but there are so many and they have no independent use; hence, most students don’t want to undertake this investment.

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