Force of Chaos (Reloaded)


When I made my fourth post about Force of Chaos, I postulated that I wouldn’t post about it again because it was rather negative (albeit, amusing). Well, I should either be ashamed that I am back on that topic or proud that I made it seven months before returning.

Force of Chaos is an unflattering title I gave to a teacher I work with because she was routinely changing things around on me with no warning. Fortunately I enjoy a bit of thinking on my feet, which has helped me survive. In fairness to her, she has been pretty good about posting a note on my desk when schedule changes come up. She even makes sure to tape the message to the desk; a critical step, because of the myriad memos that are routinely scattered about my desk whenever I arrive and the many people who use my desk as a workspace in my absence.

The New Year started on January 9th with the 3rd term opening ceremony. During the ceremony I was trying to listen to the speeches, while translating the litter which accumulated on my desk during the holidays. Every term starts with many meetings, events, tests, etc., that interfere with the normal routine. Being no exception, 3rd term looked to have some surprises for me. I made a list of questions from my memos and caught each English teacher for an interview about the first two weeks of classes.

Wednesday mornings I normally teach a class in 1st period and one in 2nd period before heading to the Board of Education office. Since it was Tuesday afternoon, I asked both teachers about the next day’s schedule and was assured things would be normal.

Hitting a few mental blocks resulted in me being up late at night finishing up my lesson plan for the first class. I arrived Wednesday morning tired with 20 minutes to get copies made and head out to the far wing of the school. When I got there, the entire wing was vacant. Returning to the office, I translated the big board and saw that 7th grade was having an assembly. The modified schedule also showed my 2nd period students busy getting their height and weight measured. A few questions verified that I, indeed, would not be teaching classes and could have gone directly to the B of E in the morning.

To be safe, I waited until the middle of 2nd period before departing. Perhaps I have matured (or acclimated) because I took it in stride and viewed the time as a gift. Fortunately, all the copies could be used for Thursday’s classes and didn’t go to waste.


2 Responses to “Force of Chaos (Reloaded)”

  1. kevenker Says:

    Well that wasn’t so bad! 🙂

  2. びっくり Says:

    This morning I thought I would have to post again. I arrived a few minutes late to find a note full of surprises on my computer. The first was that classes had been moved up by 10 minutes, giving me 5 minutes to do final prep instead of the 15 minutes I was expecting. Inevitable printer and copier problems make that scary.

    The second was only the appearance of a problem. On Wednesdays I have a 1st and 2nd period class, but the memo had 3rd, 4th, and 5th period written on it as well. I mistook this to mean that Thursday’s classes had been moved to today, but I haven’t finished a lesson plan for them. After using 3 of my 5 minutes of prep time discussing this with FoC, I discovered that she just wrote the times of the entire day’s schedule for me: no connection to my classes. Phew!

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