Sylvester Stone


Dave Spector is a regular on Japanese TV. Reportedly he learned Japanese from watching TV. He can be a bit wacky, sometimes makes foolish mistakes, often is the but of other people’s jokes on the show; however, he is a staple and is probably quite well off.

In December he was giving a run-down of Hollywood stuff and then jumped into a presentation of the year’s hottest gifts in America. When he does these bits he has to speak extremely fast and while Hollywood star’s names are often in English he must pronounce them using the Japanese phonetic spellings; which is not always easy. Anyhow he followed a bit on Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Museum and upcoming Rocky VI release with something not memorable about Sharon Stone. His pronunciation of Stone came out about the same as Stallone. He received a fair portion of grief about his English skills.

On the ‘must-have’ list of Christmas presents in America, there was an electric toothbrush that played Hillary Duff music. Apparently the frequencies are properly adjusted so that the music travels through your jawbone (and presumably your teeth) to your ear. I found this horribly upsetting and if given to Guantanamo detainees would certainly kick off impeachment trials.


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