Quic Pay


OK, better post something positive. Japan has so much that I love and I don’t want people getting the impression that I live in Hell.

Toyota is an extremely clever company. For decades they have produced inexpensive, efficient, durable automobiles. They were also one of the first to give thought to ergonomics, which is arguably more important than the first three positive characteristics I mentioned. It is no wonder that The Big Three in America includes Toyota. A quick look at their greater than 18% gain last year and the greater than 8% drop of numbers one and two, bodes well for Toyota stockholders. It will be no surprise if they hit number one in the very near future. Also of note is Honda at number five.

However, today’s post is not about cars. Toyota Finance, being part of the same company, has also been cleverly run. A lot of news stories are popping up about the Quic Pay system from Toyota. This system can be used with a card, but it is primarily being pushed for cell phones. Users can go to the register at restaurants, convenience stores, etc., and instead of paying by conventional instruments, just lay their phone on a pad. Reportedly the system takes about 1 second to verify: extremely convenient. It is spreading quickly in Nagoya, but I haven’t really noticed if we have them around here. I will have to open my eyes and check, but we aren’t exactly Gotham City here in Tsu.

One downside is that it appears to be a pre-pay system like most toll road access cards. I think you put a couple hundred bucks in an account and when it gets kind of low, more money must be transferred. Most people who like this kind of convenience probably won’t be bothered by the background payment method.

The other amusement for me is that they misspelled quick. It could be intentional. In America we like to misspell using quik occasionally, but in Japan the hard c is considered cool, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they want quic. Note: Camry, Corrolla, Cressida, and Corona are all from Toyota (and there are a string of other hard c products from them in Japan.)

2 Responses to “Quic Pay”

  1. kevenker Says:

    The quic/quik/quick pay system sounds kinda cool. Now you just need to be sure to hang onto your phone or it could get expensive when the finder runs around and buys stuff with it!

  2. びっくり Says:

    Yeah, I don’t know if any confirmation is required. I doubt it, because that would slow things down. It’s kind of like a prepaid shopping card.

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