Insane Internet Problems


I am pre-dating several entries because of crazy internet problems. Several of the entries will probably be: short, not well-researched, and possibly wacky. So much for my string of ‘positive’ posts. This entry; however, will be a little long.

I work at five schools and our local Board of Education office. At all six locations I have access to computers and they all happen to be connected to the internet. This seemed like a dreamy arrangement in April, but every month the connection speeds decrease and various other handicaps are added. A virtual unworkable situation has developed and I long for my new internet umbilical in the Spring.

All of the schools are using something called Intersafe in order to protect <someone> from <something>. I don’t know who the <someone> is, since my machine is never used by students. I’m also uncertain exactly what the <something> is as well. One of the mentally handicapped students at an elementary school routinely cruises internet auction sites, pulling up all sorts of porn and profanity; clearly the filters aren’t blocking that (and clearly he understands a lot more than they give him credit for if he finds his target material everytime.) Intersafe does however prevent activities like: searching for images on Google; viewing sites with various plug-ins; or viewing sites that launch sub-windows. All of these blocked activities would give me the ability to generate better visual aids and worksheets for classroom use. A couple times I even had Google searches for historical figures blocked.

Of course, the last couple Intersafe changes annoyed me more even though they don’t prevent my job functions. In November I found I was no longer able to comment on blogs, and in December I could no longer post on my own blog. My reasons for being annoyed include: no advance notice of system changes; and no understanding of any connection between the changes and any reasonable objective.

Resolving to bear through this temporary phase by finding more reasons to visit the Board of Ed. and posting while I was there seemed to be a good course of action. However, some security changes in December combined with our rapidly decreasing connection speeds have triggered a problem in my WordPress files. Multiple temporary files get created and have to be manually deleted. Also, the save and publish features get disabled after the first autosave trigger. I had created a slightly annoying work around that involved saving once before the autosave and a bit of other monkeying around at the end. Unfortunately, it now takes about fifteen minutes to get a basic page loaded, which means it is impossible to save before autosave kicks in. This (Friday) morning a three minute activity took about three hours.

I rode a couple trains to the community center to borrow a real connection, but travel distance and usage limits make this an unworkable situation for daily use. Fortunately, today hardly any students have come in so I haven’t been kicked off.

My contract at the schools is through the end of March, but I want to rent my own apartment in town before the work contract ends. If I do that I can get proper high-speed internet connected at home and all of this becomes a non-issue. My only fear here is that moving before work is finished would become very inconvenient without a car and I don’t know if the licensing center will jerk me around for another month. I am hopeful that I can get a Japanese license on January 18th, but I don’t think I will sign an apartment lease before that. However, the scales are daily tipping in the direction of an early move, since I would have more control of the commuting issues than I currently have over the internet and time issues.

I feel like my options are being unreasonably constrained, which makes me long to be free. Anyhow, that’s probably enough ranting and more than enough detail.


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