Nervous Nittos


Officially yesterday was the first day of business for the year. Virtually every company was closed between the 29th and the 3rd. On the lot adjacent to the Board of Ed. is JA (Japan Agriculture) which is a very powerful political and financial organization. Nitto armored trucks regularly come to pick up cash, but yesterday morning was a little different.

Normally two trucks appear, one guard crosses to our edge of the narrow parking lot to keep watch, two men go inside to collect the money. The trucks are vans with windows; not the monstrous safes on wheels that we are used to seeing in The States. I have no idea if the vans are armored in any way, but I think one of their security methods is to drive two vehicles; one being a decoy.

As I entered the parking lot in the morning the watchman rushed across the lot and looked at me and then surveyed the rest of the area. He locked onto me again and again. I am very noticable with light brown curly hair, 179 centimeters of height, a white and red road bike, green tea colored jacket, and blue eyes. The average person should have straight black hair, brown eyes, a black or brown jacket, 168 centimeters of height, and be walking or riding a neutral-colored, one-speed, girls’ bike. I tried to look like a non-threatening foreigner as I observed him; although, merely standing in the lot watching him probably seemed a little suspicious.

He was weilding his baton and appeared very nervous so I headed upstairs, from which location I could easily observe him in a more surreptitious manor. I decided that he was in a state of ‘heightened alertness’ because they were probably transferring a lot of money after the long break. Generally, I try to keep a little distance from people who wield weapons and mistake nervousness for alertness. Now I’m left wondering how Brinks drivers act when loading the ‘big haul’.


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