More Time Off


My ski trip started on the 26th, but it started late. I was rushing to get ready and get some food in my belly by the “just after 9am” pick-up time, when the phone rang. Tanaka-sensei apologetically informed me that he would be about one hour late. This gave me time to get to a convenience store to pay my credit card bill. Since I rode all the way to the convenience store I figured I might as well stick my nose in the Board of Education office to check email.

I went in and greeted everyone like normal. A few minutes later everyone had realized I was on vacation and wondered why I was there. That was worth a few laughs. When I was heading out I wished everyone a Happy New Year (良いお年を) and told them I would see them on the 2nd. Boy, am I ever glad I went in today; everyone insisted that they would not see me on the 2nd because we got days off on the 2nd and 3rd.

Based on the school calendar I was sure the 1st and 8th were the only days off in January. So now I have to figure out what to do with the two extra days. Hmm…


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