Making the Connections


Watching volume 1 of Bikkuriman was not as good as what I remembered Shin-Bikkuriman to be like. Well, I popped open my recent purchases: Bikkuriman volume 2, Shin-Bikkuriman volume 1, and Shin-Bikkuriman volume 2. Boy, was I pleased with what I found. There definitely is a connection between the two series AND the second half of the first series promises to be more like the second series.

Browsing the guidebooks that come in the sets I noticed that the characters will be leveling-up to characters with better artwork. Also, it seems that with each level upgrade the characters start looking older and their name changes a bit. Originally the heroes looked like little kids. Already I can see that a couple of the current characters will most likely become some of my favorite characters I had seen in Shin-Bikkuriman so many years ago.

Also, it looks like they include some of the back story on one of the deepest and most human characters. He had blue skin and red hair like most of the evil characters, but was on the side of the good characters. I couldn’t read a few of the kanji in the explanation, but it looks like his father crossed the Super Devil. Perhaps a little message of redemption in here??? Anyhow, he only has one fang and a very cute smile, so he can’t be a bad guy, right?

After I have watched all 60 hours and translated them, maybe I can give you a better synopsis, but this is some good filler for while I am on my ski trip… あっ、いいちゃった!


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