Traded Translation


Needed help writing a very polite and sensitive letter in Japanese, which precipitated a dinner with Yayoi. She is an elegant woman who is the wife of a pediatrician. She manages his clinic and engages in hobbies like ballroom dancing. Recently she has been in some performances. Both her and her husband have a deep connection to traditional aspects of Japan, so I find myself drawn to them. He loaned me an excellent shuji reference book and told me to use it until he retires because he won’t have time to use it before that.

Yayoi is the one who helped me pick out the Japanese characters for my signature (守屋衛利句) which has gotten very positive attention from almost everyone who has seen it. Naturally, I look to her for advice about tradition, politeness, and relationship issues.

She is also a member of the local Friendship Force, an international exchange group started by Reagan. This time after helping me with understanding Japanese politeness and sensitivity, she pulled out emails from England and (former East) Germany and asked me for a little help understanding and writing replies.

One of my former bosses is also in the FF group and I think Yayoi might be smoothing over some of the relationship issues that popped up when I started planning my own company. At the end of the evening I found out she had also asked a former licensing center employee to have a little talk about international relations with the current employees. Maybe my January 18th driving test will go a little smoother.

We had a very enjoyable evening and she is a very good friend to have around.


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