Bikkuriman Vs. Bikkuri Donkey


Bikkuri Donkey (びっくりドンキー) is a chain restaurant in Japan. I have seen it from the outside many times, but figured from the name that it must be my nemesis (like Godzilla and Mecha-Godzilla), and was afraid to enter. Last Friday I made the inevitable journey into the enemy’s lair; and let me just say, “It was a tasty experience.”

From the outside the stores I have seen have a sort of old mining building appearance, so I assumed ‘donkey’ was a reference to the steam winches used on a lot of narrow guage mining and logging operations. The interior had a similar rustic feel, including the menu which was mounted in a wood frame looking like a window with shutters. Opening the shutters allowed it to stand on the table in all its greatness.

Greatness would have to be my descriptive term for the restaurant. Expecting something like Denny’s (デニーズ) I was a little surprised when I saw that most of the hamburger steaks were offered in 200, 300, and 400g sizes. Toppings galore – including egg – and lots of set courses were available. One could access super-size proportions here.

The quality of the meat was fair, being well above McD’s, but not comparable to the legendary Matsusaka beef from this area. The prices were reasonable as well – but not cheap, mind you. Successfully facing ‘The Donkey’ has given me confidence to move on to Mosura. 新びっくりマンの勝ち!


2 Responses to “Bikkuriman Vs. Bikkuri Donkey”

  1. Keven Says:

    You mean ‘donkey’ didn’t refer to what meat they were using?

  2. びっくり Says:

    That thought had not occurred to me, but bikkuri means surprise. Surprise, you are eating donkey could be the real meaning of the name but, if so, donkey meat is pretty tasty. 😛

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