Fröhliche Weihnachten


Yesterday, Christmas Eve day, I had lunch at a friend’s home. He is a Law professor at Mie University, who lived in Switzerland two times. His English is quite good, but his German is even better. His wife was busy in Osaka yesterday, so he invited a nurse and a nutritionist from his department to join us.

Most of the yummy foods and celebratory drinks were Swiss/German. We had a wonderful time chatting away in different languages and enjoying the spread. Later the karaoke machine was cranked up and we sang a bit. There was only one Christmas song, so we quickly switched to more of an anime theme. Cute nurses interested in English and anime: this was like a dream.

Another interesting discovery came from having the nurses there. They referred to the host as kouchou (校長) so apparently he is the Dean of the Law department. He is very humble about himself and his position so he has never mentioned it to me. Both he and his wife have always been kind to me and are poking around turning over potential business opportunities for me. He joked that I would have to give him a cut if the nurses signed up for a class. I made sure he knew that it would be impossible for me to repay all of his kindnesses to me.


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