Christmas Comes Early


Yesterday I went to Hermit Crab, a DVD/CD shop, to pick up three DVD sets and one movie I ordered. The movie was Matrix Revolutions for 980 yen. I grabbed Matrix and Matrix Reloaded for 980 each last week. Having never watched the second or third movie, I thought they might be good purchases at that price. They have Japanese dubbing and subtitles as well.

Last Spring, I was excited when the first half of the Bikkuriman animated TV series was released and I dropped the 35,000 yen purchase price gladly. I had never seen Bikkuriman, but hoped purchasing it would encourage them to release Shin-Bikkuriman later. I found out that not only did they release the second half in the Fall last year, but Shin-Bikkuriman volume 1 and 2 were released in the Spring and Fall this year. Because of the price and the fact that each set contains about 15 hours of Japanese with no subtitles I planned to spread the purchases out. However, finding that Hermit Crab was having to hunt for copies I decided it was best to get everything now rather than wait and find none available. So, my Christmas present to myself came out to about 108,000 yen.

Today, as I was leaving school, something drew my attention to the book and office supply store across the street. I walked over and found several Japanese drill and practice books in a bin labelled “Please, freely take these home.” (ご自由に持って帰って下さい) In Japan there is a tradition of ‘Year-end Cleaning’, similar to ‘Spring Cleaning’ in America. It reaches comprehensively through society. I grabbed up several books, noting that some had nice kanji posters and one had a bunch of little stickers, which are always good for kids classes.

When I got to the Board of Education office, Toyota-san pointed out some textbooks that were headed to the hopper. I grabbed two sets of Junior High level English course texts and four sets of Japanese course texts. I topped it off with one set of Social Studies, History, Geography texts. When I’m done with my only-posting-good-stuff phase, the Japanese history book should provide some interesting posts. I think all of these books are the samples from textbook companies trying to get sales, since neither of these English series is used at our school.

I was pretty excited to get the books. I was considering grabbing up all the math, science and industrial arts books, too; however, this is already quite a load of books to take up space in my place. So, I will consider these my presents from the office supply and the textbook companies.

Oh, I just realized that I wrote Saturday and Sunday’s posts before my decision to post good stuff. Oops. Well, Monday I will continue with the challenge.


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