Posting Problems


Arrived at school, tried to post, found that security had been modified over the weekend. The safety filters on the internet keep getting more and more restrictive. I can no longer post to this blog from the junior high or the elementary schools; however, I can apparently still post from the Board of Ed. office. Fortunately, I have no classes after tomorrow afternoon until early January, so I will be working from BofE often.

Saturday I was looking at apartments. I will be moving back into the city in February or March. Then I will be able to get a high-speed connection at home and easily make posts and upload pictures. Also, I hope to start making use of Skype, so you might even have a chance to hear my voice.

After work I stopped briefly at my apartment and the third grade neighbor kid was out front with some friends. All of them are my students and sometimes say things like, “I want to go into sensei’s apartment.” While I was chatting with them, the neigbor kid thought it would be cool to show me that she can lock and unlock my door with her key. I examined her key and it looks like a master key. I think she might be able to open every door in the building. I told her not to mess with my door and she tried a few more times. I hustled to the BofE and asked them to get the landlord to fix that right away. At first they didn’t seem to understand why I might find this disturbing.

2 Responses to “Posting Problems”

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  2. びっくり Says:

    Um, thanks for commenting… but your post looks like an ad for a Chinese diet product. 😦

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