Why Not (Part 3)


My plans were thrown up in the air the first weekend in November. Believing that some people might make it impossible for me to start my business in Tsu, I pondered many options (listed in this post). I decided to explain a bit about why I considered the options and why I forewent them.

Today I will cover two bases: Quitting work to travel around the countryside; and Returning to America. Freely travelling the countryside would allow me to see the many parts of Japan I still haven’t visited, particularly those at the extreme ends. Perhaps it is easy to see why someone with viking blood might be drawn to this. Returning to America would provide escape from the torment that came up; and from daily troubles brought on by living in a country with a vastly different culture and language from my homeland. Those are pretty much all of the positive points.

Merely noticing how quickly the positive points could be summed up might point you to an understanding of why these options weren’t chosen. On the flip side: both of these options are escapist. Introspection has shown me that I like to run from trouble, particularly emotional or relationship trouble because reasonable solutions are few. I have many theories about how this condition developed, but that is a whole ‘nother series of posts, which might never be seen online. Choosing to move to Japan has brought me a lot of joy, learning, and new experiences, but it has also brought a lot of problems and pain, both here and back in America.

Regardless of the fact that I came here on more of a whim than any kind of divine direction, my current intention is to develop some perseverence and (with luck) more skill at facing problems. So, no ‘cut and run’ strategy in Japan. Completion of my (yet ambiguous) objectives might bring me back. (Do I sound Presidential?) Of course, divine guidance could bring me home quickly, but don’t hold your breath.

Another downside of the romantic travel-the-countryside option is that I have been bleeding money in America for about a year and a half. At the time of my decision making this weighed heavily. I am willing to start a business venture that has some risk, but stopping work to meander would guarantee that I was hemorrhaging on both sides of the ocean. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, I am not a rich man and would be desperate soon if I ran off seeing the sights.


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