Happy Birthday Mom!


It isn’t the sixth in America quite yet, but Happy 70th Birthday!

My memory isn’t so good, but recollection seems that I may have missed my mother’s 70th, 60th, and 50th birthdays. I’m pretty sure I must have been at the 40th since I was only 11 at the time. Mom was graceful enough to only discuss the wonderful 65th birthday party (for which I was present.) Perhaps, when I reach 70 I will be that graceful… or maybe I’ll just be a cynical old man.

Japan is great. In America we start trying to make people feel old on their 30th birthday. When I tell people here that my mother is turning 70, without fail, they say, “Soooo young!” I find this particularly amusing because they always think I am in my late 20s, which would mean I was born when my mother was over 40; not such a young age to be starting a family.

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