Animals Galore


First and second grade classes at Kawai Elementary today. We’d studied about colors and animals a bit, so I went for a fun activity using both today. During the summer I helped out with a Kids’ Seminar on Australia. We used large sheets of drawing paper with outlines of Australian animals and the kids tore colored origami paper to glue inside the outlines. This was to connect with discussion of aboriginal dot art.

Today’s activity was nearly identical but we used American animals: Buffalo, Grizzly, Bald Eagle, Alligator, and Turkey. Fortunately the school picked up a bundle of A1 sized paper, so we could easily have five kids working on each picture. My outlines were not so bad and the kids had interesting ideas about paper placement. It was a big success.


One Response to “Animals Galore”

  1. sunkissd1 Says:

    Sounds like a fun class and what a great age to work with. They are so eager to please their teachers, they are so creative and not afraid of the quality of their art. Mine used to hug not only her teacher, but also the office administrator, when coming to & leaving from school.

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