My position in this society is a difficult thing to gauge. The students are having a singing contest today (Sunday). When special events fall on Saturday or Sunday, we hold school on those days and take Monday as a day off. This can throw a few wrenches into the works.

One example is food service. I pay a monthly fee to receive school lunch, but the school lunch center is not open on weekends. The last time they had me work on the weekend all of the teachers (other than me) had lunches ordered for them, which I wrote about before. I couldn’t even get anyone to give me a straight answer about when lunchtime was to be held. That day was a bit frustrating.

I just finished eating lunch today. On Thursday last week, one of the teachers asked me if I would be wanting to eat today. She added my name to the ordering list and more than ample food arrived today, including tai (鯛) – sea breem – which is quite a delicacy.

So, I am left wondering. Am I now in the ‘club’ and they’ll look out for me? Will next time be a toss up? Is someone reading my blog and didn’t want the whiny foreigner complaining again? I don’t know the answer, but I’ll just be happy today.

Tai… yum!


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