Mistaken Impression


One TV show I enjoy when I can catch it is called ‘Tamori no Japonica‘. Tamori is a comedian from a ways back, who has parlayed that role into a very strong TV personality role. He has his own shows on at least two networks and sometimes appears on other people’s shows. This show is about Japanese knowledge, usually regarding language.

Last night they were showing mistakes in signs. Some of them were really bad and perhaps explain why there are so many websites with strange English signs in Japan. Perhaps all of those signs were properly translated, but the original Japanese was incorrect. Of course, that’s a little tongue in cheek because I have read many funny translations that don’t match the original.

Here’s one I scratched down:

危ないですから 走行中みだらに 話しかけないで下さい

Could you read it? Here is the simplest correction:

危ないですから 走行中みだりに 話しかけないで下さい

The correction reads: “Because it’s dangerous, while the bus is in motion please refrain from unnecessary conversation.”

Only one syllable was changed to correct from this: “Because it’s dangerous, while the bus is in motion please refrain from lewd conversation.”

I’m not decided on this being the best one, but I could understand it and write it down quickly, so it got picked. Tonight I will ride a bus on my way to get my modified bike. I will be reading the signs.


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