Beware the Full Moon


Intel has been running a very amusing ad campaign. Companies really like the two part commercials here; start some story, cut into the story to push the product, close the story with the punch line. This commercial makes me want to get hooked up with our Tivo equivalent here because they chatter away at unbelievable speed and I can only catch the gist of it, but that’s enough to amuse me anyhow.

Part 1: young man sitting on a garden bench with his girlfriend in some kind of terrace garden. Full moon comes out and the young man goes into convulsions, gets very hairy, ears start to grow, etc. Girlfriend is yelling at him, asking what’s going on, and attacks him with something at hand. (break for ‘Intel Inside’ message)

Part 2: young man has become a cute little rabbit. In a very relaxed, off-hand way, he mentions that he is a wererabbit. Girlfriend is fuming at this point.

There is a cultural connection between rabbits and full moons in Japan. Because of this, I’m sure Japanese people find this even more amusing than I do.


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