No Trouble


Today is bunka no hi (文化の日) – Culture Day – in Japan. Not much special happens on this day, for most people it is just another day off. Some folks do manage to enjoy some kind of culture at the museum or something. If everything is going according to plan, I am near lake Inawashiroko (猪苗代湖) in Fukushima prefecture (福島県). This will be my farthest trip to the north in Japan so far. All of this weekend’s posts were written way in advance, so I’m not sure if I am there or not.

The plan is to absorb some culture: specially brewed sake, special mountain hot springs, and special fall leaves. More next week on what actually transpired.

Last week I commented to a teacher that one girl never did the worksheets or games I hand out. He mentioned that she only comes to school two or three times a month. (She usually is in my classes which occur once a week, so she must like them.) I was a little surprised by this. I asked him if she has any trouble with her schoolwork and he insisted that she did not. His English is quite good but sometimes he totally misunderstands me.

I tried asking a few other ways, but he always insisted that there was no trouble. He said he doesn’t think she studies at home and that she doesn’t participate in class, so I was a little confused. Anyhow, I thought the Japanese system of dealing with this was interesting; basically, they just let her come when she wants. I don’t know America’s system so well now, but when I was a kid they would expel students with bad attendance. That seems a little goofy; doesn’t it?

Well, I hope she really is having ‘no trouble’.


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