All Upside Down


The only constant is change! This phrase really applies at junior high school in Japan. Usually I teach two classes Wednesday mornings and then head to the BofE office to study, prep, or relax; as needed. The office at school is much noisier and distracting, so I can get more done at the BofE. Often I can leave the school early enough to eat lunch there as well; which is great because (almost) everyone there has a wit.

Last week the 7th grade teacher asked me to switch a Thursday international class (mine) with a Wednesday English class (hers), because she would be absent Wednesday. I agreed because I want everyone to see me as a helper. So, I had been mentally preparing for a longer day today.

Yesterday afternoon the supplementary English teacher called me to let me know she would teach my morning class. I could not understand why, but certainly didn’t argue. She apologized to me many times; again, I could not understand why.

This morning the English teacher for the learning disability students came to let me know both of our students could not come to class: one for a test (yes the mid-terms were two weeks ago and finals are in four weeks), and the other for music recital practice.

Suddenly I find myself with my normal classes cancelled and only one class today. This gives me more prep time and maybe a little study time as well. The only downside is not joining the BofE office for lunchtime banter.


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