How Government Should Be Run


Scandals have been popping up like a rash lately, but this one gives a lesson that we should all respect. Troubles commenced with a sanitation worker decided to report to work only eight days in five years. He took a lot of vacation and sick leave to pull this off; I am guessing government workers get a pretty sweet benefits package. Even my pseudo-government employee contract allows me a lot of time for illness and such.

However, things get more interesting when we notice that he owns a construction company and would often go to the city offices for that business while he was ‘unwell’. What response does this get?

27 supervisors have been punished and the Mayor said he is ultimately responsible. He punished himself with a 20% pay cut for 6 months. My contract includes clauses for punishment with pay cuts, so I guess this is a common way to handle things. I think Japanese people attach even more importance to money than Americans, so this is probably an effective method of punishment.


2 Responses to “How Government Should Be Run”

  1. kevenker Says:

    No more seppuku? How disappointing!!

  2. びっくり Says:

    Odd that you should mention that. In light of the “Not teaching world history” scandal, a principal killed himself. He wrote a long note explaining what the school should do and what the kids should do and said because he was killing himself they should do as he says.

    Of course none of the principals who were hiding bullying that resulted in student suicides have killed themselves. I’m not sure how seppuku works…

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